Erick Aguirre AKA Formerly Erock (FKA DJ Erock) began his journey as a DJ at the age of 14 when he was exposed to the world of scratching by a school friend.  After spending a summer working and saving he was able to buy his first set of turntables.  He practiced endlessly to perfect his craft and in 2004 he got his first chance to spin at a local club in Tucson, Arizona.  He quickly gained respect amongst his audiences and other local DJs for his incredible ability to play all different genres of music blended seamlessly leading to many successful parties. In 2007 he moved to New York City to truly test the skills he had worked tirelessly to master.  On arrival, Formerly Erock swiftly adapted to the NYC style of DJing and in 2008 he caught a break when he was asked to be the opening DJ for legendary rapper Slick Rick.  Since then he has become one of the most in-demand DJs in New York City holding residencies at many of the top clubs in town such as 1OAK, Tao, Up &Down, Gilded Lily, Lavo, and Number 8. On top of his local success Formerly Erock is quickly becoming sought after worldwide having performed at many of the top clubs in Las Vegas, Miami, Los Angeles, Boston, Tokyo, and Paris.  To add to his impressive club resume Formerly Erock has also had his mixes featured by E! Online. 

Whether it be at a megaclub or the most intimate of venues, Formerly Erock has gained a reputation for being able to please any crowd at any time.  Known for being a hard working DJ with an encyclopedic knowledge of music, Formerly Erock has had the opportunity to play for a seemingly endless list of celebrities such as Prince, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Leonardo DiCaprio, Rihanna, and Heidi Klum.  He also touts an equally lengthy client list of industry heavy hitters such as Red Bull, Teen Vogue, Diesel, Blackberry, and Macy's.  Formerly Erock has come a long way since his first gig in Tucson but his “Sky’s the Limit” mentality keeps him humble and working hard to provide a fun and entertaining experience for every audience he has the opportunity to play for.  Driven by a desire to give crowds the best experience possible, Formerly Erock sets the bar high, resulting in an ability to turn any event into an unrivaled success.